A New Trend in PPE Distribution: PPE Vending Machines

Vending machines are a very popular option to purchase anything. They were firstly used in the U.S.A. and now, they’ve become so handy that everyone uses them. From soda to sandwiches and even cigarettes, vending machines can be used for almost any type of product.

PPE vending solutions

Their utility has been noticed even by the manufacturing sector, and it was a matter of time before they started using it too. In the industry sector, vending machines are used for the distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the workers. A PPE vending machine is a great solution for any worker that needs his protective equipment fast, at any hour of the day. The mechanism behind the PPE vending machines is complex. They are custom designed for larger items, have key card access and some of them even support internet connectivity. You own a manufacturing company and you still use a regular inventory for distributing the personal protective equipment? Well, bellow we will present you the main advantages that come with a PPE vending machine.

Lower costs

In this unstable economy, it’s essential to cut costs wherever you can. A PPE vending machine will be cheap to install, and the cost of the machine will be recovered in a very short time. The product distribution is accurately monitored, so you don’t have to worry that your workers will become careless and start wasting the materials. Also, you will no longer have to pay a storeman, because this device is completely automatic.

Great inventory management

A PPE vending machine has a very advanced software, that will allow you to see detailed reports regarding the usage of the equipment. This will help you manage the inventory more effectively and you will know what equipment is mostly used by your workers and which one is used less frequently.

A more effective control

With the monitoring feature of a professional PPE vending machine, you can easily see the equipment available for your workers. You will also be able to track the use of the equipment and to see what piece of equipment was taken and by whom. For example, if a worker already took a safety helmet from the PPE vending machine, you will know if he takes another one in a short amount of time for no reason. With a regular inventory, it’s impossible to keep an accurate record of this, and you will never know for sure how the safety materials are being used.

Training possibility

A PPE vending machine can be customized and you can set which worker can get a certain type of equipment. Some equipment require some specialized training and if a worker doesn’t have it, he won’t be allowed to take it. Also, you will know this way, how many of your employees need special training regarding a certain piece of equipment, and you can schedule a group training session for them.


Is no longer a secret that PPE vending machines are the future. So, if you want a more productive use of the safety equipment and lower administration costs, then you should install one immediately. You will instantly feel the advantages and you’ll never go back to a regular inventory.

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